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Source Overseas

Lapasar strives to assist our clients with sourcing both locally and from China. Sourcing in bulk from verified manufacturers in China can help create unprecedented savings. While there is traditionally risks involved with sourcing from abroad, Lapasar removes all risk by working with our sourcing partners to follow through the whole process from placing order to products reaches our client’s premises safely and in good condition.

Go ahead and try sourcing today and let our international sourcing partners assist you

How Does It Work?

Direct Sourcing from China

Lapasar has partnered up with international networks to provide access exclusively to our clients to source and purchase goods from abroad directly from the manufacturers of products. We ensure these are verified and qualified manufacturers and we can source over a wide variety of categories as stated below.

Inventory holding

While sourcing directly, if our client are interested with a certain product and is likely to place a contract with us, we also provide stock holding and distribution services according to the quantity committed yearly without upfront payment to ensure quick and efficient fulfilment of orders.

Payment & Savings

We understand sourcing on your own has it’s risks and we strive to mitigate these risks for our clients. All payments will only be processed after the products arrive in our client’s premises in good and safe condition. Sourcing directly from manufacturers also allows our clients to create massive savings.

Benefits +

Savings as buying direct from manufacturers

Lapasar can stock and distribute locally without upfront payment (but with contract) for fast and efficient delivery

No risks of fraud as payment is only after items reach the client

Get quick quotes from our international partners

Samples can be arranged at the request of clients


1. How do I register for a Lapasar.com account?

To register and create an account, please visit https://lapasar.com/app/source_overseas/ and click on the Register button on the top right and follow the instruction.

2. Are there any registration fees?

Registration is completely free. You may enjoy unlimited access to...

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