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Safety Shoes Mid-Cut Genuine Leather with Steel Cap and Steel Sole Protection Safety Boots Safety shoe Safety boots

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Made of Fire Resistance Cowskin Leather.
Shoe Cap embedded with anti-hammering steel cap for toes protection.
Shoe Sole embedded with anti-puncturing steel sole for foot protection.
Shoe Sole made of Natural Rubber and is anti-slipping.
Fashion Mid-Cut Design.

Welwolf Mid-Cut safety shoes is designed for protecting foot in working in hazardous environments. It is made of fire-retardant Cowskin for fire-protection. There are also steel cap and steel sole embedded in the shoes for foot protection against hammering and nails. Welwolf model 161738 safety shoes is middle cut safety shoes and has a natural rubber shoe sole for antislip against wet or oily floor. Shoes size here is made according to EU 0r international size for example Size : EU42 is equivalent ot UK Size : 8.

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